TERMS & CONDITIONS: The Flock Project

TERMS & CONDITIONS: The Flock Project

Please read through the following carefully before making a submission on the Flock Project website (flockproject.ca).  By completing a submission and potentially being awarded support, you accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.


Participants of the Flock Project are subject to all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations within Canada. 

A valid email address and password is needed to register an account on flockproject.ca. Confidentiality of your sign-in information will be your sole responsibility. Any activity or action taken within your account, whether authorized by you or not, will be attributed to your account and is your sole reasonability. It is also noted that the Flock Project administration staff do not have access to your online account and therefore cannot make any changes to your account without your knowing.   

By registering on flockproject.ca, you consent to receive electronic communications about the Flock Project from theflockprj@gmail.com. Electronic communications include important information related to the Flock Project and your participation. You can 'opt out' of receiving these communications at any time by contacting our team directory by email. When you register, personal information to evaluate Ideas, manage votes and provide updates throughout the Flock Project will be monitored by the Flock Project Administration. If you submit an Idea , it is your responsibility to obtain consent from any individual(s) mentioned in the Idea submission. Individuals should also be made aware of how their personal information will be used and be advised that the Flock Project may contact them. Please note, no personally identifiable information such as contact information, address or date of birth will be made readily available to the general public but only for administration use. 

You can participate in the Flock Project in the following six ways:

1. Create and submit an Idea that meets the Idea eligibility criteria for positive change in a community. Submit your Idea on flockproject.ca during a submission time period. 

2. Show support for an Idea by voting. To participate you must be registered on flockproject.ca with a valid email address and password. 

3. Indicate interest in becoming a Mentor for a selected submission time period. To participate you must registered on flockproject.ca with a valid email address and password and fill out the online Skills Matrix. 

4. Like, share, and comment on the Flock Project Facebook and Instagram pages. This can be completed without registering on flockproject.ca.

5. Apply to be on the Flock Project oversight committee which manages and oversees the project in its entirety. 

6. Interest in volunteering with future Flock Projects, events, marketing etc. 

General Conditions

The Flock Project is not responsible for and of the following items related to submitting or accessing the Flock Project website:

  • Late, lost, incomplete, unintelligible, damaged, manipulated submissions or messages.
  • Software, computer, programming, network malfunctions or failures, server or other connections issues, other technical failures, forces beyond reasonable control that would create an error in allowing for as submission to successful be submitted for the Flock Project. 
  • Disruptions related to viruses, traffic, bugs, or other malfunction to both hardware and software relating to the Flock Project. 
  • If such unintended malfunctions or occurrence occur, the Flock Project is not responsible for any repairs related to registrants property and will move forward in a fair and proper manner to execute the Flock Project unless the process is incapable of running the competition. All forms of communication will be displayed through the Flock Project website and email registrants. 
  • Reimbursement for materials that are related to the awarded idea but are not within the allocated funds from the Flock Project. 
  • Any legal ramifications that is to occur for reasons of copyright on submissions that did not received approval to use any brand, idea, material, logo, product or anything within a given patent in place. 

The Flock Project does not endorse any submissions, is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or validity of any submissions. The Flock Project acts as separate third party providing a platform for the project and Ideas to be submitted through. Under no circumstance, the Flock Project is not responsible for any loss and/or damages that have occurred to any registrants by the information that is collected and displayed through the Flock Project. It is the sole responsibility of the submitter to provide the most relevant and accurate information pertaining to their submissions and to obtain permission on any items displayed within their application as needed. . The Flock Project does not guarantee that the information contained on the website will be free from errors, inaccuracies or omissions. The Flock Project is under no obligation to update any content on the Flock Project website other than to post the most-recent version of Idea submissions. This being said, submitters will only have one opportunity to submit a project once outside of updating language to ensure it falls within prior eligibility listed above.  All submissions will be vetted and voted upon by the general public, the Flock Project will have no additional influence on selecting the winners. 

If the Flock Project did not enforce the provisions listed within the Terms and Conditions it shall not constitute a waiver for the items outlined within this document unless agreed upon in writing by the Flock Project administration team. The Flock Project may amend, change or modify the Terms and Conditions at any time to ensure fairness and equality of the Flock Project and those involved with the Project. 

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the Flock Project and all registrants on the Flock Project Website. 

Submission Eligibility 

To be eligible to submit to the Flock Project, you must be residing in the Leduc County Area and be a permanent resident within this community.

Note: If you are under the age of 18 and your submission is selected, you must have approval by a parent or guardian and indicate that you have such approval upon signing the Flock Project Awarded Idea agreement.  

Idea Eligibility

To submit your Idea in the Flock Project, your Idea must meet all of the following criteria:  

  • Benefits a community and has a socially based focused which can include bringing people together to improve current circumstances.  
  • Anticipate implementation plan within a one-year period of approval. 
  • Take place within Leduc region and be generally accessible to the larger community. 
  • Have an outcome that must be accessible to all persons. 
  • Include an implementation indicating time period to launch
  • A realistic cost breakdown 
  • Be supported by a measurement and evaluation process. 
  • Be submitted in English or allow for submission to be translated to English. 

Idea Non-Eligibility 

Your Idea will not be accepted in the Flock Project Competition if any of the following applies: 

  • Does not occur in the Leduc County Area.
  • Seeks out and speaks negatively about any particular political party, faith group, encourages any violations of any laws, discriminates again gender, ages, religions, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, has misleading information, defamatory towards other people or companies, and/or endorses and form of hate group or terrorist activity. 
  • Submission condones activities that are unsafe, dangerous, and related to subject matters that are controversial, this is solely determined by the Flock Project. 
  • Supports a political or capital campaign.
  • Accessibility to a project is only through purposes of making a profit. 
  • Is malicious in its intent or is not building a positive change. 


The project Idea is the ownership of the submitter, the Flock Project is not, in anyway shape or form is in a position to own, operate or take ownership of submitted Ideas. Any Ideas placed on the Flock Project website are at risk of copy right and the Flock Project will have no part in supporting submissions in dealing with ownership, patents, or copyright infringement. It will be the awarded parties sole responsibility on the success of their submission, the Flock Project will provide outlined resources to aid in the support of the awarded parties success but the Flock Project will not take any responsibility  for the success of failure of a submission. The awarded party agrees to not publicly shame, criticize or communicate in any negative manner against the Flock Project for the outcome of their submission.  It is the responsibility of the Flock Project to vet submissions based on inappropriate content, duplication and potential spam. 

Competition Process 

To submit your Idea to the Flock Project, visit flockproject.ca for latest information and deadlines.

After you submit your Idea , it will be vetted to ensure the Idea meets the eligibility criteria and does not contain objectionable content. Ideas that do not meet the eligibility criteria outlined above or are deemed objectionable by the Flock Project will have the opportunity to update their submissions within project eligibility standards before they are launched to the public. If the submission deemed inappropriate is resubmitted without changes needed to match eligibility requirements, the submissions will be rejected automatically without additional feedback.  Moderation will take up to three (3) business days. If the Flock Project requires additional information during the moderation process, the submitter will be contacted. If the submitter does not return the Flock Project’s call or email within two (3) business days, the Flock Project reserves the right to reject the Idea submission and the Idea submitter will be deemed to have forfeited their entry or submitted Idea. 

The Flock Project reserves the right to decline Idea from being posted on the Flock Project website and remove Ideas from the Flock Project website, associated platforms and social media at any point if it deems the Idea does not comply with the Terms and Conditions or the Idea is not suitable for the Flock Project, as determined at the sole discretion of the Flock Project. 


Anyone registered through flockproject.ca can vote for their favourite Idea(s) during the voting time period (outlined on flockproject.ca). Registered participants who have submitted an Idea are permitted to vote for their own Idea submission. 

Winners will receive their prize subject to the “Terms & Conditions - Awarded Party” document signed by the submitter of the awarded project after the voting period. In the event that an Idea is disqualified during the awarding round, the next highest vote earning Idea submission that meets eligibility criteria may be promoted to the awarded round in its place. The awarded submission will be notified after the close of voting (indicated on the website) and informed via email. 


If, during any part of the Flock Project, the awarded party is involved in or utilizes the resources for illegal activities in federal, provincial and municipal law, all moneys are to be repaid to the Flock Project in full. Any legal activity required to ensure moneys are repaid in full will also be covered by the party who signed the Flock Project Terms & Conditions - Awarded Party.