Flock Q and A's

    What types of projects can I submit?

    The options are ALMOST endless!
    Location - for the Spring 2019 intake, we are only taking projects in Leduc County Map Here
    Focus - projects must be centered around community benefit, but may benefit one population within the community. Projects cannot focus on a personal or monetary gain.

    How do I submit an application for my cool community idea?

    Click on the link on the home page “Submit your idea” and follow the online application cues to put forward your idea. 

    What will be shared publicly after I have submitted a project idea?

    Any contact information such as phone number, email, or address will not be for public use. Your name will be attached to your submission.

    After I submit a project what do I do?

    Good work! Now go find people in the community who share a similar passion as yours and encourage them to go on line and vote for your project!

    Can I vote on my own idea?

    Absolutely you can, when voting it is required that each participant vote on a minimum of three different projects.

    What happens if my project idea receives the most online votes?

    Great! Next steps is you would be presenting your project to the Flock Committee to determine what strategy or supports are needed to successfully launch your idea!

    Do I need to repay the money I have received from the Flock Project?

    No way! However, you will be asked to sign documentation indicating that you are prepared to designate your own hours and receive support from members on the Flock Team to help with making your concept a success.

    What if my project wasn’t selected?

    Hey don’t sweat it, you project will remain on our website for a period of one year and can receive comments, feedback and/or keep promoting your idea if you were interested in resubmitting the next time the Flock ask for submissions. At anytime you can remove your submission from the online portal.

    What if I don’t have a cool idea but want to get more involved in the Flock Project?

    Feel free to go online, submit votes on your favorite ideas, become involved in the implementation of selected or non-selected projects or contact the Flock Team to be a ongoing Mentor for projects.

    What is a mentor for Project Flock?

    This is someone who would be put into our database and called upon when a project has been approved and matches that individual skill set to support in the launch of a chosen initiative! If you wish to become a mentor email the Flock Team at theflockprj@gmail.com.

    Did we miss an important question you have about the Flock Project?

    No problem, email us as the theflockprj@gmail.com with any other information we can help with!