About Centre Hope

Centre Hope is a non-profit private  foundation dedicated to addressing system-level challenges in the  delivery of services that result in the improved social and health and well-being of youth, adults, children, families and communities.

We  bring together government, nonprofit, community and private agencies that find themselves often working in silos, and we drive inter-sectional, collaborative, community-driven initiatives that bridge the silos to  achieve system-level change. We’ve adopted a foundational approach based  on the belief that systems-level change is needed to help people facing  complex challenges such as domestic violence, mental health challenges,  addiction, poverty, homelessness and poor health. To achieve  systems-level change, Centre Hope is committed to increasing  collaboration and engagement among key stakeholders including social and  health services agencies as well as the people who use the services. We  believe the solutions to improve the system exist in the lived  experiences of these key stakeholders, and effective engagement will  draw out the solutions from them and provide direction to act on good  ideas. Center Hope also believes in developing and using evidence to  help determine the success of solutions through the use of innovative  technology to improve data collection.

When done right, we believe  technology and data can increase collaboration, enable effective  evaluation and monitoring that highlights inefficiencies and more  effective sustainable ways of working, as well as help build  relationships among all key stakeholders to improve the social and  health well-being of individuals. To achieve this, Centre Hope has  partnered with Thinkcatalyst, a medical analytics software company.  Thinkcatalyst’s platform integrates real-time data, resource mapping and  quality metrics while providing automated data analysis to determine  such things as cost-efficiencies. This work is supporting Centre Hope in  the coordination, delivery and evaluation of services in both  healthcare and social services.


Centre  Hope operates as a “backbone organization” that brings stakeholders  together to create better services at a systems level, to improve  outcomes for individuals, to build trusting relationships, and to  develop evaluation and monitoring tools to ensure efforts are  successful.

We do this through: • collaboration • innovation and  prototyping • human-centred and system design • diversity and inclusion •  adult learning • change management • evidence-based decision-making •  quality data


Connect with Centre Hope at info@centrehope.com