About the Flock Project

The Flock Project is a good idea launcher that helps citizens take action on the community causes they care about! Ideas submitted will be voted on by the community and the winner will be supported by the Flock Project Team. Part of this support includes the Flock Project Mentors providing personal and professional expertise to best support the awarded Project implementation!

The Flock Project was launched its first Flight in 2018 and is currently being financially supported by the Centre Hope Foundation. The project was developed and is currently overseen by a committee comprised of local residents within Leduc and area. If interested in being apart of the Flock Project Committee or volunteering in other areas please sign up for regular notification on our home page.

GOAL: Empowering residents to come together, recognize ideas and work together to improve their communities.

MISSION: To connect people and ideas with resources for social good.

VISION: We envision a community like a flock of geese flying together, where all people hold the power to create positive change, for themselves and others.

VALUES: Transparency, empowerment, equality, kindness, respect.

The Flock Project's values mirror those of a flock of geese.

  • By flying together in a V-formation, a flock of geese achieves a 70% greater flying range than if each bird flew alone...EMPOWERMENT + EQUALITY.
  • Geese honk to recognize + encourage each other to keep up speed...TRANSPARENCY + COMMUNICATION.
  • When a goose gets sick or wounded, 2 geese drop out of formation to follow it down to protect, help  + stay with it until it is ready to fly again...KINDNESS + RESPECT.